Hidden Harbor Marina in Saint Paul Park, MN

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Wondering what the river's doing? Here's the level at South St. Paul and predictions for St. Paul.


Please check Willie's website or our Facebook Page for details, events and specials for the Belmont Stakes on June 4.

Welcome to your Harbor.

The Hidden Harbor Marina is on the majestic Mississippi River in Saint Paul Park, MN.

We're not lying - it is hard to find the first time. For you boaters, we're at Mile 829.6 on the east bank, near the top of the island chain. Look for us through the island break. If you are coming overland, follow the simple directions HERE. Don't trust the internet! We think it is a government conspiracy to keep you from having fun.

We have made a lot of progress in the last 7 years, and we are not done yet. Come check us out. But use the directions! FInding us the first time can be challenging. After that, we're your secret hideaway.

Here's the Q&A section of the website:

Got Gas? We have gas. We sell only 91 octane non-oxygenated gas. That means no alcohol in the gas! It costs more, but you're worth it. (And so is your motor.) HHM slip customers get a 10 cent discount.

Got Pump-out?If you rent a slip at the Hidden Harbor, your pumpouts are free at our two pumpout docks. Pump outs are available to the public for a $5 fee. Keep our river clean! We also have a mobile pumpout for boats on trailers.

Got Live Aboards? Live-aboards are welcome! Water and electricity are at all the liveaboard docks. The water is free, and we keep it flowing all winter, weather permitting.

Got Transient Slips?We'll have room for you when you visit. Your $50 transient slip fee gets you a powered slip and a comfy night's sleep. Just call us at least a week ahead of your date to reserve a slip.

I want to be there!How do I sign up? Start by filling out slip rental contract, and mail or email it to us. We will send you an invoice to pay. We also need assignment of liability insurance. Call your insurance agent for that.

Still have questions?Why don't you give us a call at 651-321-3862, or Email us. Then all your questions will be answered! You can also befriend Hidden Harbor Marina on Facebook, or even follow us on Twitter. Unlike some people,we don't tweet much.

At the Hidden Harbor, we sell fun. Come get yours.

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